Monday, May 3, 2010

Announcing the Maya Angelou PeaceTag!!!

You know how some moments simply take your breath away? That's what happened when I received word that the beautiful, amazingly talented Dr. Maya Angelou had composed a quote about peace for PeaceTags!

This Global Renaissance Woman has a passionate voice that needs to be heard, today. Her peace quote is profound in its simplicity. She says, "Peace is more than, and other than, the absence of war. Peace is the permanent presence of good will." What powerful words those are! (scroll down.)I had two main objectives in creating PeaceTags. The first was to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that would help veterans and their families. We are doing that through our affiliation with the Fisher House Foundation, (please check out their work, it's wonderful),
and some other outstanding non-profit organizations.

Just as importantly, another objective was to encourage people to consider the words of our greatest sages in these turbulent times. Many have spoken of peace. And, my hope is many more will! (come on you gifted creative minds, we need you NOW!)

The next time you are stressed, someone in the office or at home is driving you nuts, or you are about to say or do something decidedly not peaceful, consider that last line of Dr. Angelou's quote. Let it move you in a positive direction!

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