Friday, June 5, 2009

PeaceTags Around the World!!!!

PeaceTags Ambassadors, those who wear their PeaceTags and proudly tell others how they help heal the wounds of war and spread peace, are going global!!!!! Above, Amy Pal wears her PeaceTag in London.
I receive e-mails daily from around the world! PeaceTags Ambassador Extraordinaire, Patti Savoy and her husband, Bill, are visiting the gorgeous Greek Isles. These are some of their fab photos!
And, many others have shared photos from their travels. Here is my husband Steven, with our friend Greg at the Great Wall of China! (sporting PeaceTags!)

John Comstock wearing his PeaceTag while climbing Mount Killamanjaro in Africa!

Here is Paul Schwabe and a friend at Lourdes, France.

Shannon Komen with son, Bo, in Paris:

There is no stopping the momentum of PeaceTags Peeps and our grass roots effort to help veterans and spread peace! Please make today a Peace-full Day!!!!