Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Celebrity PeaceTagging!

From time to time we get word from our PeaceTags Ambassadors about well known individuals who have received PeaceTags as gifts of gratitude.  We call this "peacetagging".

 Last week, Patti S. attended a taping of The Voice in Los Angeles.  She personally delivered a PeaceTag to her fave judge, Adam Levine.  We hope Adam joins the thousands of others helping veterans and spreading peace one tag at a time by wearing a PeaceTag!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

PeaceTags' World Religion Collection is here!!!!!

Here's a paradox. The PeaceTags' World Religion collection was inspired by an agnostic.

Religion in general has always fascinated me. Born and raised Roman Catholic, by a devout Irish Catholic mother, the "bells and smells" of Mass were enchanting to a little girl. Plus I loved dressing up for Church. But, thanks to my Dad, other people's religions proved a source of fascination as well.

My Dad was a card carrying Agnostic, although his family was Jewish. (OK, he didn't actually have a card, but if one had been available Dad would have carried it.) His routine answer when asked about his faith was: "I'm not sure what I believe, how about you?"(That's my Dad in the middle with some army buddies circa 1943)
This authentic sense of curiosity and refreshing lack of "certainty" made him a magnet for religious conversations. He would meet a Buddhist in the checkout line at Safeway and come home telling us about "Dharma." He watched any PBS documentary on world religions and would tell his teenage kids, "You should turn off that crap (some would say the Brady Bunch had cultural merit, right?) and watch this show on Hinduism."
My Dad loved learning about all the major world religions, and I remember him saying to me, "Fredda, if you want to know what makes a person tick, find out what they think about religion and God. If you want to know how someone might justify killing another human being, ask them how their faith influences their beliefs about right and wrong." And my Dad was savvy enough to catch on to the fact that no two members of any one faith are ever in total agreement about all parts of that faith.

Dad loved pointing out how similar the main World Religions were if you got right down to it. "That Golden Rule is the Key," he would say. And he pointed out they all had their own versions of it. (And he found it super cool that Golden was his own last name. ) If I ever asked his advice about something that involved a value judgement, he would say with a twinkle, "Remember MY rule baby girl." (My Dad called me "Baby Girl" until the day he died, though I was well into my 30's.)
And shortly before my Dad passed away, at the in-house nursing home at VA Puget Sound Medical Center, I was perched on the side of his bed, reading him a book. Several strokes had left him unable to walk and barely able to speak. Looking at my beloved 84 year old father who had passed along so much wisdom, I made one final attempt on the religion thing. "So Dad", I queried, "do you believe in heaven?" "I'm not sure," he replied. "But whatever comes next I sure as hell don't think I'm going to be disappointed."
The PeaceTags' World Religion Collection and PeaceTags in general were inspired by Larry Golden. Something tells me there's a big smile on a certain Agnostic's face in heaven.
The PeaceTags World Religion Collection is currently available at participating retailers (check our website They will be offered online via the website within the next few weeks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PeaceTags in Tanzania!

It's always amazing to learn what PeaceTags' wearers are up to in the world! Recently I had the chance to chat with Tiana D. She's pictured here during a recent volunteerism journey to Tanzania. Her experience in the East African country was a powerful source of life lessons. (Scroll down for the interview.)
Question: Why Tanzania Tiana?
Well, I was always drawn to Africa. A college class on the culture and beauty of the region really intrigued me. Tanzania is home to the Serengeti, the people are fascinating, and the need for volunteers seemed clear.
Question: What was your job there?
I was a teacher in a village called Karanga, just outside the city of Moshi. The school was for disabled people and my students ranged from 5 to 35 years old. The disabilities ranged from major physical challenges to slight learning dysfunction such as dyslexia. Mainly I taught math and reading. (scroll down)

Question: The photos of the kids with your PeaceTag are so great!. Did you wear it often?

Tiana: I wore it almost every day--the kids loved it! And I learned how to say "All we are saying is give peace a chance in Swahili!!!!"

Question: Why did you choose that PeaceTag?
It was a gift from my Mom who happens to LOVE John Lennon! And as teacher, it was perfect. I found myself constantly thinking "give peace a chance, give peace a chance" when I needed more patience! (Scroll down)
Question: Where did you find peace in your experience?
Tiana: I found peace in the community. The people were so warm and welcoming and had the biggest hearts! No matter how little a family had, when you entered their home they prepared food for you. Sharing a meal was a true way of connecting and showing honor and respect.
Question: Was there anything that made you feel less at peace?
Tiana: Sometimes when we made home visits, I realized that they were sharing the only food they had. That made me uncomfortable, but it would have been seen as very disrespectful to reject their hospitality. (Scroll down)
Question: What else did you learn from volunteering in East Africa?
It's daunting to realize how great the need is for education and economic resources in third world countries. To see it firsthand really impacted me. I felt as though my time there was not enough. I want to return. Volunteers can make a difference but it takes a lot of time and effort.
Thank you Tiana for living out the PeaceTags motto: think about, talk about and work for peace!

Friday, August 20, 2010

PeaceTags supports A Million Minutes for Peace!

This video is very powerful isn't it? PeaceTags is proud to support A Million Minutes for Peace. This initiative created by our friends at Odyssey Networks is so simple, it's brilliant! At noon, on September 21st, International Day of Peace, they are working to get one million (or more) people to stop for ONE MINUTE to think about, focus upon, meditate, or pray for peace in whatever way is comfortable. Hey, you could simply read through the PeaceTags quotes, every one of those lines from a famous peacemaker is like a little prayer!

Visit the site, pledge to participate, and mark your calendar for noon on September 21st!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PeaceTags helps fund "Healing Garden"....

PeaceTags helped provide funds toward a "Healing Garden" that was dedicated last week at the Fisher House on the grounds of Seattle's VA Medical Center!

The Garden was introduced as another way the Fisher House helps veterans families find respite and solace. A speaker noted that "the garden is a way to sooth their souls and refresh their spirits," as family members stay in this home while their loved one is undergoing medical treatment at the VA Hospital.

Students from the UW Landscape Architecture School designed and installed the beautiful garden. Associate Professor, Daniel Winterbottom talked about the power of gardens to heal, inspire and restore. He eloquently described how this collaboration could lead to future VA Projects, expanding the healing power of gardens and nature to the greater veteran population!

We are proud and honored to help with projects like this. And we are so grateful to all of you PeaceTags Ambassadors who make it happen simply by wearing and talking about a beautiful necklace!!!!! Thank you so much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Announcing the Maya Angelou PeaceTag!!!

You know how some moments simply take your breath away? That's what happened when I received word that the beautiful, amazingly talented Dr. Maya Angelou had composed a quote about peace for PeaceTags!

This Global Renaissance Woman has a passionate voice that needs to be heard, today. Her peace quote is profound in its simplicity. She says, "Peace is more than, and other than, the absence of war. Peace is the permanent presence of good will." What powerful words those are! (scroll down.)I had two main objectives in creating PeaceTags. The first was to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that would help veterans and their families. We are doing that through our affiliation with the Fisher House Foundation, (please check out their work, it's wonderful),
and some other outstanding non-profit organizations.

Just as importantly, another objective was to encourage people to consider the words of our greatest sages in these turbulent times. Many have spoken of peace. And, my hope is many more will! (come on you gifted creative minds, we need you NOW!)

The next time you are stressed, someone in the office or at home is driving you nuts, or you are about to say or do something decidedly not peaceful, consider that last line of Dr. Angelou's quote. Let it move you in a positive direction!

In addition to our website,, you can see the Maya Angelou PeaceTag at these top independent jewelry stores: Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler (Bellevue/Seattle), Kern Jewelers (Burlingame, CA), OC Tanner Jewelers (Park City, Utah) Ringmaster Jewelers (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) Shreve Jewelers (San Francisco, CA), Traditional Jewelers (Newport Beach, CA)

Friday, April 2, 2010 "tag" at a time!

Recently, PeaceTags sponsored a REALLY special evening at the Seattle Fisher House!!!! Pictured here are talented young people from Sacred Heart School, Brief Encounter Cafe's owners Mel and Amanda, and Patti and I representing PeaceTags.
The kids entertained the Fisher House guests with musical performances (Here two brothers and two sisters in a "family band" rock the room! ) The portrait on the wall is Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher; Fisher House Founders whose amazing organization created more than 44 of these homes across the country and around the world. Check them out here:
The Brief Encounter Cafe gals prepared an absolutely delicious dinner for everyone! PeaceTags' Patti got Mel and Amanda onboard as PeaceTags Ambassadors a couple years ago! When you visit their fabulous Bellevue restaurant, the staff is usually wearing PeaceTags and veterans get loads of TLC!!! Since launching PeaceTags, my dream has been to engage people in the PeaceTags mission-to help veterans and their families and spread peace one tag at a time. If you think about it, "tag" can mean much more than the literal pendant we sell. Taken metaphorically, it can mean touching others (like you did in the schoolyard game), or connecting with other people.
That is exactly what happened this night at the Fisher House, lots of meaningful connections! (Here is Seattle Fisher House manager Cecile connecting with St. Louis Fisher House manager, Rachel. These ladies are FANTASTIC!!!) Sacred Heart served as our test school for the PeaceTags School Initiative. We created a limited edition version of our trademarked product, and they sold it as part of their fund raising auction and retained some of the proceeds.
As part of the Initiative, PeaceTags offered curriculum and community service suggestions to engage the students in veteran's care and peacemaking.
Through the support of some dedicated parents, (Vanessa, Lisa, Laura et al!)the PeaceTags School Initiative was a stunning win/win for Sacred Heart and PeaceTags! We look forward to developing this further and offering the program to schools across the country
Here are some more photos of the wonderful performers who brought peace and joy to the guests of the Fisher House (all guests have loved ones/veterans being treated at the VA Hospital and are under a lot of stress) PeaceTags' photographer is Angela Carlyle of Angela and Evan Photography ( She also does brilliant wedding photos! Enjoy! Peace Out!