Friday, April 2, 2010 "tag" at a time!

Recently, PeaceTags sponsored a REALLY special evening at the Seattle Fisher House!!!! Pictured here are talented young people from Sacred Heart School, Brief Encounter Cafe's owners Mel and Amanda, and Patti and I representing PeaceTags.
The kids entertained the Fisher House guests with musical performances (Here two brothers and two sisters in a "family band" rock the room! ) The portrait on the wall is Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher; Fisher House Founders whose amazing organization created more than 44 of these homes across the country and around the world. Check them out here:
The Brief Encounter Cafe gals prepared an absolutely delicious dinner for everyone! PeaceTags' Patti got Mel and Amanda onboard as PeaceTags Ambassadors a couple years ago! When you visit their fabulous Bellevue restaurant, the staff is usually wearing PeaceTags and veterans get loads of TLC!!! Since launching PeaceTags, my dream has been to engage people in the PeaceTags mission-to help veterans and their families and spread peace one tag at a time. If you think about it, "tag" can mean much more than the literal pendant we sell. Taken metaphorically, it can mean touching others (like you did in the schoolyard game), or connecting with other people.
That is exactly what happened this night at the Fisher House, lots of meaningful connections! (Here is Seattle Fisher House manager Cecile connecting with St. Louis Fisher House manager, Rachel. These ladies are FANTASTIC!!!) Sacred Heart served as our test school for the PeaceTags School Initiative. We created a limited edition version of our trademarked product, and they sold it as part of their fund raising auction and retained some of the proceeds.
As part of the Initiative, PeaceTags offered curriculum and community service suggestions to engage the students in veteran's care and peacemaking.
Through the support of some dedicated parents, (Vanessa, Lisa, Laura et al!)the PeaceTags School Initiative was a stunning win/win for Sacred Heart and PeaceTags! We look forward to developing this further and offering the program to schools across the country
Here are some more photos of the wonderful performers who brought peace and joy to the guests of the Fisher House (all guests have loved ones/veterans being treated at the VA Hospital and are under a lot of stress) PeaceTags' photographer is Angela Carlyle of Angela and Evan Photography ( She also does brilliant wedding photos! Enjoy! Peace Out!