Thursday, March 11, 2010

Michael Oher gets Peace-tagged!!!

Okay, how's this for cool---on Wednesday, Patti and I got to meet the gifted, charming, and totally humble Michael Oher! In addition to being an NFL Football star, Michael's life inspired a little movie called "The Blind Side".
Michael was presented with a PeaceTag prior to him sharing his moving personal story to a packed room of 1200 supporters of Treehouse. Treehouse is an AMAZING organization devoted to giving foster kids a childhood and a future.
PeaceTags salutes people like Michael Oher and our friends at Treehouse who are creating more peace in the world through helping kids find their way to a better life!
How will you make tomorrow more peaceful than today?


  1. from turkey amazing movie and story,, :(((

  2. Antes de tudo esta hitoria nos mostra que antes da cor de nossa pele.Da crença que pregamos. De nossa posição social,opnião politica e todos os outros prazeres ;: Somos todos terraqueos oriundos de um unico ser.